Emergency 1st Aid

Completed through the Academy of Emergency Care in Sport,which is part of the Dept. of Emergency Medicine,Cork University Hospital. Training in this area has enabled me to cover competently incidents and accident procedures and in particular within the realm of the sports environment.

Emergency First Aid 

Areas include accident procedures, Basic life support including CPR, Choking and care of the unconscious casualty, Management and treatment of wounds and bleeding.

Management and treatment of fractures, strains, sprains and dislocations.Common medical emergencies,Basic casualty management and care.

As a Cardiac First Responder  

I can assess a collapsed casualty, Perform  CPR on an adult, child and infant.

Recognise the signs of choking and how to clear the obstruction.

Operate an Automated External Defibrillator(AED) safely.

Recognise the signs of a heart attack and stroke and be able to provide treatment.

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