New Clients / Old Clients

Unfortunately i am unable to accept new clients at this time

Existing Clients or clients who have not been for 12 months or more ,message me first as my treatment has changed and may not be suitable or the type of treatment you would prefer.


We do are best to help clients who are willing and able to help themselves.

We often tell people that we are “Not Fixing you”, but helping your body to fix itself.

I can create the conditions which will allow your body to start functioning better, by bringing the body back into alignment, releasing muscle imbalances and identifying poor movement patterns and under these conditions your body and nervous system can start to heal and ultimately return you to good health.

The process can sometimes be quick or slower and does depend on each individual case, their own history of trauma both physical and what sort of lifestyle the person generally leads.

At Morrmovement, we are willing to invest time and energy into helping you, but in return, we look ultimately to work and assist those people who :-

  1. Are committed to the process and are willing to take some ownership of helping themselves to move,feel and perform better.
  2. Have a positive mental attitude and eager to look for ways to improve what is happening in their daily lives.
  3. Have a positive outlook on life and are open and willing to making changes where needed.

This is a treatment where both the client and the therapist are clear on how the process of healing works best.

Due to the nature of some injuries or long standing chronic pain syndromes, I am unable to offer ” One -off”  sessions or appointments.

I ask clients therefore to book a minimum of four sessions, with an appointment every 10-14 days, with a review after the forth session to assess progress.

Included in the sessions:-

1)Detailed initial evaluation and assessment/session

2) follow up visits to monitor, check and continue your progress

3) Individual corrective “Home Exercise Programme” with follow along videos or photos

4) Review after 4 sessions with No More treatment sessions unless at least 50% better than original presenting conditions or pain syndromes, if no improvement it may be necessary to refer for further investigation.

Is This treatment for you ? If you can answer yes to these questions

  1. I have fully read the New Clients Information
  2. I can commit to initially booking 4 sessions
  3. I am willing and will fully participate in the homework assigned.